Our Travel Experts

About CIRE Travel Experts: A Division of Tzell Travel Group

A long-time favorite among agencies, publishers, councils and others, New York’s most beloved corporate travel service is CIRE Travel, a division of Tzell Travel Group. Our charismatic, resourceful travel advisors who make impossible arrangements possible are at your beck and call with Eric Hrubant at the helm. Exceptional concierge-like service is CIRE’s status quo. Our travel planning services are backed by the power and reach of Tzell Travel Group.

Tzell Travel Group, as part of Travel Leaders Group, is ranked first among the nation’s largest corporate travel management companies, according to Business Travel News. And CIRE? Our travel clients rank us as the best among travel agencies, or at least that’s what they tell us.

CIRE’s association with Tzell makes us an even better connected partner for you whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure. Perks. Waivers. Upgrades. Go ahead, enjoy. You know people who know people.

Corporate travel solutions delivered with concierge-like service

CIRE has dedicated, smart travel experts who handle every travel scenario under any circumstances—from the merely inconvenient to the unimaginable—24/7. Supported by the global force of Tzell, there’s nothing CIRE can’t arrange, or sometimes more importantly, rearrange. It’s this white-glove service that eliminates the stress of business travel so employees can really focus on their jobs.

Our clients are entrepreneurs and small to mid-sized businesses that simply do not have the staff or resources to devote to arranging their own travel or developing travel policies. At the end of the day, time is money.

Sure… your team can book flights, make reservations and arrange the details. Is the cost worth a frazzled staff and unnecessarily high travel budgets? Absolutely not. CIRE Travel takes an enormous load off travel budgets and in-house resources. Why wouldn’t your company use our corporate travel professionals?

Choosing CIRE to handle all of your business travel is a decision you’ll wish you had made a long time ago.

“We got a solicitation voicemail yesterday from some corporate travel agency down the street, and I made a point of calling them back just to tell them that we were so happy with our travel guru, CIRE Travel. We didn’t need to hear about their corporate travel planning services because we were not looking to change. Shortest solicitation call of my life.”