Management Team


Cropped Eric
Eric Hrubant, Chief Travel Planning Officer & CEO
You’ll never have another friend like CIRE Travel. Besides possibly your parents, no one goes that extra mile or takes that extra step for you like we do. World events and such have sucked a lot of the ease out of corporate and leisure travel today. So when you have a chance to make travel just a little (or a lot) easier on someone, you take it. Nothing causes stress like an impossibly tight connection… so imagine one of my executive client’s surprise when Lufthansa personnel escorted him off the plane to a Mercedes waiting on the tarmac. He was whisked away to his next flight in plenty of time. Any travel planner can book flights and hotels, but I’ve developed a staff of compassionate travel allies, not simply planners. That’s something I’m really proud of. And it’s something you can rely on again… and again… and again. I understand the timely demands of corporate executives while traveling. Diane Sawyer, if you’re looking for a travel planner, just let us know.

Corporate Travel Leadership

CIRE Travel Expert Suvarna

Suvarna Persaud

Passengers could still smoke on flights back when I started my travel planning career. Having come from the hotel industry, I knew the demands of corporate travelers and how their plans change at a moment’s notice. A volcano is no match for me… Volcanic ash from an eruption in Iceland in 2011 brought air travel to a screeching halt across Europe. No one was returning to the U.S. except my corporate travel clients, and their clients whose travel planners said travel couldn’t be done. A quick train ride to Paris, then a short flight to the U.S. and these business travelers were back on track. It just goes to show that anything is possible if you’re willing to go those few extra steps. I have a thing for stranded clients, and that’s when my real talent shines through. Being stranded makes business travelers highly uncomfortable and for good reason – they could miss a meeting or their child’s birthday party. I make clients happy just by answering the phone in person, anytime. Yes, just personally answering their call is a huge stress reliever. I’ve worked with Eric for over 10 years and know our corporate clients’ needs so well. Oh man, Oman is a beautiful place. It’s my favorite destination because you have the beach and the mountains right there. It’s perfect.

CIRE Travel Expert Felicia

Rebecca Sanders

Twenty-nine countries and counting… and I am four states away from visiting all 50 states in the U.S. My absolute favorites have got to be South Africa and Ireland abroad, and Virginia and New Mexico closer to home. Booked my first client trip domestically to Oklahoma City and internationally to Abu Dhabi. Believe me when I tell you that Iguaçu Falls in Argentina is nothing like Niagara Falls. I took the boat through the Falls and it’s definitely no Maid of the Mist tour. You literally ride underneath the Falls and it’s a crazy ride. I’m used to asking for (and getting) what I want because I worked for eight years as a fundraiser for nonprofit organizations across New York and New Jersey. Talking to hotel and airline reps on behalf of my clients for little perks is nothing compared to asking for money to support a cause. Trust me… I can be very persuasive on your behalf. But what stumps me most is cooking. I’m taking culinary classes.

Group Travel Leadership

CIRE Travel Expert Felicia
Felicia Daniels

I’ve always been comfortable in a group setting because I started my career in a day care. I fell into travel when the facility closed. I’d just finished school and the college career recruiter basically insisted that I interview for an opening here in 2011. A mere six months later I went full-time and never looked back. When the opportunity to travel arises… I’m making a beeline to Hawaii where a Hawaiian sunset (and probably a fruity drink) is calling my name. Granting special requests is exhilarating and satisfying, and the more unique, the better. A special body wash in the bath… Accommodations with purple pillows… My job is to make sure your group has whatever it takes to meet their travel needs from flights, ground transportation and hotel rooms to pillows and soap. Knock on wood, but I’ve never had a group travel request that I couldn’t grant. Crickets are just gross so even though I love trying different foods, you’ll never get me to eat one.