“Trusty travel agent,” Eric Hrubant, Credited for Bursting the Online Travel Review Bubble

Skift columnist, Colin Nagy, encourages readers to break through the travel recommendation bubble with a trusty human travel agent. Nagy credits Hrubant and his CIRE Travel team for letting him in on one of Jakarta, India’s best kept secret hotels.

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If Santa Had a Travel Advisor, He’d Choose CIRE Travel

Santa’s itinerary isn’t the only one we check twice. This holiday season, CIRE’s travel elves are busy behind the scenes, watching over our clients’ travel plans. And, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Wishing you the happiest of holidays and smooth travels…:

The CIRE Travel Advisors

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Where Can You Find the Best Hotel Rates?

We’ll give you a hint. It’s not with an online booking site. And it’s not booking directly through the hotel’s website. You can get the best hotel rate through your corporate or personal travel agency. Not only will you receive the best rate, as well as perks that you couldn’t get via booking websites or even from the hotels in many cases.

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Luxe Getaways Magazine Features Eric Hrubant, CIRE Travel President, in Inaugural Issue

When should you use a travel agent? To answer this timely question on the minds of so many corporate and leisure travelers today, Luxe Getaways published an informative article that spells out the reasons.

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Our Favorite Hotels, Restaurants and Things to Do in Dubai

Ganesh (or Ganesha) is one of Hinduism’s most recognized deities and is the remover of obstacles. If ever a time calls for removing obstacles, it’s while traveling. CIRE Travel’s president, Eric Hrubant, takes his Ganesh on every trip and faces it toward the hotel room’s door. The personal detail that the Waldorf Astoria staff took with creating a shrine for Eric’s Ganesh is just one of many memorable travel moments during his recent trip to Dubai.

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Abu Dhabi Travel: Where to Stay, Where to Eat and What to Do

Regardless of whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you want to make the most of your time in Abu Dhabi. Rather than trial and error (which inevitably can lead to regrets and missed opportunities), CIRE’s travel planners steer you in the right direction – from the best hotels, to the best places to eat with your family or impress a client, and what to do.

The best recommendations come from personal experience, so CIRE Travel’s president, Eric Hrubant, returned to Abu Dhabi to “practice what he preaches.” The trip’s goals were two-fold: reconnect with CIRE’s partners and clients in the UAE and discover the places and activities well worth your time.

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Travel Weekly Features CIRE Travel President, Eric Hrubant, for Aiding Clients in Brussels

Travel Weekly, “the travel industry’s trusted voice,” featured Eric Hrubant for coming to the aid of a CIRE client traveling for leisure in Brussels the morning of the attack on the city’s airport and subway system. Several CIRE clients were in Brussels at the time and one was checking in for his flight when the explosions happened. All of CIRE’s clients are safe, and Eric and his team are calling their close connections with airlines, hotels and transportation companies to expedite next travel steps.

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50 Shades of Savings

Spreadsheets aren’t sexy. However, CIRE’s travel reports contain some pretty intriguing, juicy details for our corporate travel clients. Depending on your preferences and needs, our travel reports are delivered on a monthly or quarterly basis. They are tailored to each client and provide an in-depth look at travel expenditures and cost savings (gross and net) achieved through your relationship with CIRE Travel and our parent company, Tzell Travel Group.

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Our Favorite Things: Four Seasons Hotel New York

Of all the views in Manhattan, the Four Seasons offers quite possibly the best

Manhattan isn’t lacking in its share of luxury hotels, but there are only a few that can deliver on rooms with a view. For discerning travelers who put a view of the New York City skyline high on their priority lists, Four Seasons Hotel New York offers quite possibly the best. Accommodations at the Four Seasons begin on the higher floors so a larger percentage of their rooms include a breathtaking view, unlike other comparable hotels with views compromised by surrounding skyscrapers.

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Security Tips for the Savvy Business Traveler

As corporate travel planners, we take pride in the fact that our business travel clients have our team behind them every second of their trip. We are your invisible entourage, clearing your way to the plane, the hotel or meeting when delays or logistics threaten to derail your plans.

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