BostonMan Magazine Taps CIRE’s Eric Hrubant for Quarterly Travel Column

It was only two years ago that we opened CIRE Travel Boston and we’re already total townies!  Okay, well maybe not total townies, but we are making friends and connecting with the movers and shakers of The Hub*.  On that note, we’re excited to announce a new partnership with BostonMan magazine!  BostonMan (for men and women) is a regional lifestyle magazine focusing on charities, sports, business, travel, fashion, music, and more.

According to their publisher and our friend, Matt Ribaudo, BostonMan “aims to showcase everything that is good and right about the city of Boston and its surrounding areas.”  And when Matt and Eric met late last year, Matt immediately asked Eric to be a regular contributor! 

You can read Eric’s latest article about the 2-in-1 vacation here.

*The Hub is a nickname for Boston (never Beantown!).  Stick with us, kid.  We’ll show ya tha ropes.

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