Tzell Travel Group

About Tzell Travel Group, An Internova Group Company

Tzell, like CIRE Travel, is headquartered in New York City. With offices in 20 states and others worldwide, Tzell is one of the largest travel management companies in the U.S. Tzell and its affiliates total 18 billion in sales, which translates into some serious buying power for CIRE’s small to mid-sized business clients.

Tzell Travel Group’s corporate travel clients know without a doubt that their travel arrangements and pricing could never be better. Can you put a price on the value of no second-guessing? Our clients don’t think so.  When travel is thrown into the cost of doing business, your costs can make or break a competitive advantage.

Our service and management professionals boast decades of hands-on experience in travel, airline and agency management. Combine that with unparalleled working relationships in emerging technologies and information sources, and you have a company recognized as one of the top 10 travel management firms in the U.S. by Business Travel News and Travel Weekly.

CIRE Travel is a Division of Tzell Travel Group Because We Share the Same Values and Goals

Traveling can feel so impersonal at times. Fees. Cattle call boarding. Sometimes it feels like all the little extras that made business travel bearable have disappeared. We think there is more than getting people from point A to point B. There is an extra mile in between that is missing lately. Tzell Travel Group gives CIRE the ability go that extra mile for our clients.

Call centers? No one wants to talk to a call center when it comes to traveling

Or anything else for that matter. Call centers do not exist within our business model. Your corporate travel account deserves a dedicated team supporting your objectives and policies, ensuring that your business travelers receive professional, personalized, and proactive service.

Treating your travel budget like it’s our own

The cost and consequences of travel can make the difference between success and failure. In many cases, Tzell’s value becomes a powerful sales tool in itself – promoted by our clients to solidify existing relationships and add new ones. Your Account Manager will work with you to design and implement effective, measurable cost containment programs, while maintaining superior service benchmarks.

Investing in the most advanced technology in the travel industry

A comprehensive low fare search engine; quality control and information processing software systems; a sophisticated e-ticket tracking program; a web-based travel management reporting system; and a smart, customizable online booking portal and agnostic interface. They’re all for your convenience.