Luxury Travel Planning FAQs

Concierge Service Beginning to End

When we’re not arranging travel for clients, we’re trekking the globe, scouting destinations and forging connections. Our most important role doesn’t take place in our offices. Our value comes in the form of networking with partners—airlines, hotels, and more—experiencing services and property amenities first-hand. We have the highest expectations and selectively add luxury destinations to our collective knowledge. When you arrange luxury travel via CIRE, there is no question as to whether you’re in for an experience of a lifetime.

Here are a few questions our luxury travel planners field most often …

Exactly what types of luxury trips does CIRE Travel plan?
To have our luxury travel planners arrange a journey to a mainstream all-inclusive Caribbean resort, frankly would be a waste of our knowledge and connections. Using our A-list connections and personal experience with so many global destinations, our specialty is planning luxury journeys and acting as your personal concierge from beginning to end.

How involved or hands off can we be with the travel planning?
This is your journey and your personal preference. Some travelers want to be involved in planning every aspect. Others suggest a region or experience and let our luxury travel planners take it from there. And, there are others who give very little direction and let us do what we do best. Whichever direction you prefer, take comfort in the fact that each call and email from CIRE Travel builds trust to the point that even very involved clients eventually sit back and enjoy the process.

What is the first step and what if we don’t know where we want to travel?
The first step is to schedule a private consultation. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page and a CIRE luxury travel expert will contact you to schedule an introductory call or meeting. During this time, you will be asked questions you may have never considered. It’s because of our personal touch and creative thinking that your journey will be truly remarkable.

How does the CIRE team create our luxury travel itinerary?
Based on what we learn during our initial discussions and reading between the lines, we work on a draft itinerary. We present the options and then revise or begin reaching out to our connections on your behalf based on your feedback.

Does CIRE Travel handle everything to do with our trip down to the smallest detail and personal preference?
Unequivocally, yes. Right down to the thread count of the sheets, if necessary. With our travel planners’ knowledge of the best locales in the world to do whatever your heart desires, our industry A-list connections and the powerful reach of First in Service Travel, we handle every detail, including:

  • Complimentary consultation
  • Airline reservations
  • Accommodations
  • Ground transportation
  • Activities and special experiences
  • Travel documentation: Vetted visa expeditor can help coordinate requirements for traveling abroad

What if we run into a situation or have questions while traveling?  
Your luxury travel advisor micromanages every detail of your journey. We’ve ensured travelers arrive at their destinations when volcano eruptions have halted all air traffic, when snowstorms shut down airports and when clients have overslept. Just one call to CIRE, and it’s handled. That’s all you want to hear.

CIRE Travel runs reports for all our travelers if advance or immediate warnings are released about world events or weather forcing travel delays or cancellations. In the event of a possible or impending delay, the CIRE team reroutes and reschedules as necessary, so you’re never left waiting uninformed, in line, or on hold.

CIRE Travel advisors are not 9-to-5 employees, but rather career agents who love what they do and genuinely care about your journey and experience. Reach out to the team, any time, even at 3:00 am in case of a situation.

We’re looking for a long-term relationship with a travel agency. After we use your expert travel planning services for the first time, can we reach out anytime for travel planning support?
Absolutely!  Whether you plan one big vacation a year, or several long-weekend getaways, our team can be considered your first call for any and all travel support.

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    Wherever You Travel. Whatever You Do. CIRE Travel’s Got It Handled.
    "Eric is so great that he takes care of problems before you even know there is a problem, especially with weather delays and other travel snafus. I cannot say enough good things about Eric and his team and highly recommend them for both personal travel and corporate travel planning needs!” 

    – Benjamin, Media – New York

    "Eric is truly the best travel planner. He goes above and beyond every time, without fault. He seizes absolutely every opportunity to improve and enhance your travel experience. As a client, I know I benefit each trip from the relationships he has established, and the credibility and outstanding reputation he has earned in the industry. His disposition, ease, and professionalism qualitatively set him apart. Regardless of the request, the urgency, the challenge, he handles each issue and transaction with a calm and efficient attitude. Above all, he is just a great person and simply such a pleasure to work with. I have and will continue to recommend Eric, without hesitation and unconditionally, to anyone who needs a corporate travel agent. And if you think you don’t need one, after working with Eric for a couple of times, you’ll wonder how you lived without him.”

    – Kiersten C, Cyber Security – Virginia

    "I was spending countless hours on travel booking and airline websites. What was taking me a ridiculous amount of time to do, CIRE Travel handled in minutes. And with a trip involving three airlines and four airports, I’m relieved knowing that if something goes wrong, I just call CIRE.” 

    – Brenda H, Advertising – Kansas City

    "We got a solicitation voicemail yesterday from some corporate travel agency down the street, and I made a point of calling them back just to tell them that we were so happy with our travel guru, CIRE Travel. We didn’t need to hear about their corporate travel planning services because we were not looking to change. Shortest solicitation call of my life.”

    – Emilian P, Cyber Security – Washington, DC

    "Eric is wonderful! He helped me organize a week-long conference in New Delhi and he managed each piece seamlessly—from the flights to the hotels to the ground transportation. He knew all about our various options within New Delhi and helped weigh in thoughtfully as we finalized our contracts with each vendor. He was a genuine pleasure to work along every step of the process!”

    –Preeti B, Fashion – New York