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For the past three years, Eric and his team have been booking the travel for my company of 100+ employees. During those three years, I have never once had to complain and would put money on my employees saying the same. I would even go so far as to say that I might owe my life to CIRE Travel considering the hairy situations they have rescued me and my co-workers from... on a weekly basis. Without fail, we'll bring an impossible travel situation to the table (sorry, Eric!), but Eric doesn't even flinch. Nothing is impossible for him.”- Meredith M, Corporate Travel Client

I wanted to check in with you at CIRE Travel and tell you how much we appreciate your guidance and work to coordinate our travel arrangements to Israel/Jordan and Egypt.  We enjoyed our time in Israel, working with our guide on the ground.  He is fantastic!  He is so accommodating, so informative, so caring, so kind.  Your connection with the local tour group is the best, work with them more for your clients going to Israel.  Everything, and I mean everything, has been perfect. All the internal Israeli guides with the various locations have been incredible. We experienced exactly what we wanted and are so happy.  Jordan and Egypt equally delivered the results we were hoping for. We have checked off a few bucket list items and you made it possible with perfect travel arrangements. Thank you all!  We had a fabulous time!   We will most definitely use your services for our next trip and will of course, refer you to friends and colleagues.” - Jacquelyn N, Vacation Client

Wow!! This was by far the best decision we made in regard to our wedding/honeymoon.  We had never used a travel agent before but now we are completely hooked! To say the trip went more than perfect would be an understatement. Everything they set up for us was more than we could have imagined. I don't think we would have come anywhere close to planning such an amazing trip on our own. Having the team's experience and recommendations is invaluable so you know you are really spending your money wisely. We will definitely be using CIRE in the future to help us plan our trips.”- Alyssa F, Honeymoon Client

Nikki Ledbetter at CIRE Travel was an absolute life saver. I was stuck in an airport halfway across the world because my flight had been cancelled and the airline wasn't helping at all. If it wasn't for Nikki I would have missed an extremely important deadline and my entire trip would have been for nothing. She not only helped me with my flight, but also with reimbursement from the airline. If you are looking for an amazing travel agent & agency, look no further.”- Desert L, Leisure Travel Client

I am so grateful to have found CIRE Travel and Robyn in particular to take on our small startup company's corporate and personal travel needs. After one month, CIRE saved us $799 in change fees alone. More than justifying their services.  Robyn has saved me countless times with seemingly impossible last-minute changes and requests all while remaining professional, knowledgeable and kind.  Along with Amy's end of the month billing summary, I honestly cannot recommend CIRE Travel enough.  They have been a godsend for me.” - Pat T, Corporate Travel Client

This was my first time working with a corporate travel agency, so I didn't know what to expect. Jason made my experience so incredibly smooth! He answered every question and every email within less than 24 hours, often even within the hour. It feels so good to know that I can count on Jason and the CIRE Travel team to help make sure all of my travel needs are taken care of. If you are looking for red carpet treatment no matter who you are, then give the CIRE team a call!”- Judy T, Corporate Travel Client

Eric and his team are absolutely incredible. I had only experienced typical ‘travel agents’ before working with Eric. I would tell them what I wanted, and they would book the tickets. It was totally transactional. Working with Eric I now know that it can be transformational. He and his team take care of everything (even before I know I need it). I don't have to lift a finger or an eyebrow. I would call his company a concierge service...but without the concierge pricing. You cannot get this level of service anywhere else. On the fence? Get off of it and book CIRE Travel. You won't regret it.” - Lara M, Corporate & Leisure Travel Client

Eric and his team are awesome!!  I had about 20 flight, train and hotel reservations to book for a work retreat and absolutely no time to do so. Eric (and team) saved me tons of time, money and headaches taking over all of the arrangements for me!  They were able to make a few special flight arrangements through their airline connections, change arrangements at no extra charge when a speaker suddenly decided to change their itinerary, and Eric even maintained communication over the entire weekend when a few of our flights were canceled due to inclement weather.  They are travel magicians who truly went above and beyond!” - Mbali N, Group Travel Client

I've worked with Eric's team at CIRE Travel both professionally and personally for almost seven years. Through volcano eruptions, hurricanes, and twelve iterations of a single trip itinerary, CIRE Travel has made sure both me and my colleagues have been taken care of, often before we even knew there was an issue with a flight being cancelled or rerouted. My complete satisfaction with my company's experiences with CIRE led me to book all of my personal travel through Eric, which I continue to do even though I am no longer with my former company. I encourage all of my friends and family to do so as well.  At this point, I've worked with Eric and his team for hundreds of multi-city itineraries and five large conferences, coordinating speaker and participant travel, as well as hotel room blocks. He's seen me through month long trips in Africa and South America with every detail precisely managed, no matter what change came along while I was abroad. I trust his team completely. Once you travel with CIRE, you will not travel with anyone else again.” - Tiffany T, Corporate, Group & Vacation Client

Eric = Awesome.  We use CIRE at my new company, and I've never had the pleasure of working with a travel agent who is so flexible, quick, easy, PLUS nice!  We have lots of complicated booking that (unfortunately) change all the time.  Eric keeps a great attitude with all of our headaches and knows how to work the system!  Highly recommend for personal and business travel needs!” - Mea T, Corporate Travel Client

As a professional in the field of fashion and now executive coaching, I have encountered many travel companies that have caused me more aggravation than appreciation.  What a relief to have fortunately found a travel company that truly has your best interest at heart let alone the fortuitous opportunity to speak to the owner, himself.  Upon our first meeting, Eric Hrubant of CIRE Travel worked round the clock to insure my family's travel experience was nothing short of superb.  He and his company go above and beyond the call of duty, securing additional perks like complementary breakfasts and water views, not to mention the valuable knowledge regarding all travel aspects; the best places to stay, where and when to go.  Eric and his company are an exception in the big world of travel, taking the time necessary to maintain a high quality of customer care no matter your travel plans. I'm thrilled to have found a travel expert/company that I can finally trust with all of my travel needs!” - Teresa M, Corporate & Leisure Travel Client

I have worked with Eric Hrubant and the entire CIRE Travel team on numerous business travel bookings and have been so impressed with their service that I have also started to use them for my personal travel. I have used CIRE for domestic and international travel, hotel bookings, and hotel blocks for large events. I have never been disappointed with their service.  Eric and his team are knowledgeable, professional, and courteous. It is comforting to know I can call them when I am traveling and encounter flight delays or other issues. They are always readily available and have helped get myself and my business associates out of tricky travel situations many times. I also appreciate that they easily pick up on the individual preferences of each traveler and are conscious of prices when booking. One area where they really excel is putting together an itinerary quickly, but they are also very patient when more options or time is required in order to make a decision on a trip. It is always a pleasure to work with them!” - Ruth S, Corporate & Vacation Travel Client

I began working with Eric Hrubant in 2010.  For ten months, Eric kept my teams safe and on track throughout the duration a grueling international project spanning every continent, over 100 destinations, every time zone, and 18 countries. He was absolutely always courteous, professional, reliable and on time.  At times I would make an error in my request and he would catch it, thus saving time, attention and money. Without complaint Eric adeptly juggled multiple billing codes.  Later in 2011 I was working with multiple teams travelling, when the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud cancelled flights across Europe, leaving travelers stranded during the UK half term break.  Throughout this stressful time, Eric was focused and professional, and always gave each traveler, and each journey his full attention.  My boss frequently changed flights, times and destinations at the last minute. Eric and his team always aptly accommodated.  Numerous times due to last minute changes I have accessed the afterhours number, the staff there have always been just as responsive and professional as Eric.  I used to joke "You can't fool Eric, I know because I have tried..."  Our team refers to Eric as "The Legend".  Regarding personal travel, I have benefited from Eric's expertise when travelling to and across Nepal, Ireland, Canada, The Netherlands, Denmark, The Philippines and Austria, and find his attention to these 'small economy bookings' to be every bit as professional as his business and first class bookings.  Lastly, it has been my experience that Eric is culturally fluent. He understands and is respectful of the lovely variety of religious and cultural influences on our tiny blue planet. This cultural fluency adds a personal nuance to his travel planning that is extraordinary.  I wish Eric and his wonderful team every success, they definitely deserve all of these positive reviews.”
- Tracy W, Corporate & Leisure Travel Client

Eric is truly the best travel planner. He goes above and beyond every time, without fault. He seizes absolutely every opportunity to improve and enhance your travel experience. As a client, I know I benefit each trip from the relationships he has established, and the credibility and outstanding reputation he has earned in the industry. His disposition, ease, and professionalism qualitatively set him apart. Regardless of the request, the urgency, the challenge, he handles each issue and transaction with a calm and efficient attitude. Above all, he is just a great person and simply such a pleasure to work with. I have and will continue to recommend Eric, without hesitation and unconditionally, to anyone who needs a corporate travel agent. And if you think you don’t need one, after working with Eric for a couple of times, you’ll wonder how you lived without him.”- Kiersten C, Cyber Security – Virginia

Eric is so great that he takes care of problems before you even know there is a problem, especially with weather delays and other travel snafus. I cannot say enough good things about Eric and his team and highly recommend them for both personal travel and corporate travel planning needs!” - Benjamin, Media – New York

I was spending countless hours on travel booking and airline websites. What was taking me a ridiculous amount of time to do, CIRE Travel handled in minutes. And with a trip involving three airlines and four airports, I’m relieved knowing that if something goes wrong, I just call CIRE.”
- Brenda H, Advertising – Kansas City

We got a solicitation voicemail yesterday from some corporate travel agency down the street, and I made a point of calling them back just to tell them that we were so happy with our travel guru, CIRE Travel. We didn’t need to hear about their corporate travel planning services because we were not looking to change. Shortest solicitation call of my life.” - Emilian P, Cyber Security – Washington, DC

Eric is wonderful! He helped me organize a week-long conference in New Delhi and he managed each piece seamlessly—from the flights to the hotels to the ground transportation. He knew all about our various options within New Delhi and helped weigh in thoughtfully as we finalized our contracts with each vendor. He was a genuine pleasure to work along every step of the process!” - Preeti B, Fashion – New York

My business travel takes me to some of the world’s wildest places. Along with ‘wild’ comes poor communications, deteriorating security situations and unreliable commercial airlines. Through it all Eric has gotten me in and out of places that challenge the locals let alone visitors and business people. And he has done it with a smile, at a competitive rate and with zero fuss. The man to see for corporate travel with a can-do attitude that helps you do your business knowing that a professional has your back. I have never and will never go anywhere else and my family always travels with Eric!” - Mark L, Finance – Bahrain

Eric is your go-to guy for anything and everything travel-related: planes, trains, automobiles, and anything else when needed. He knows, far as I can tell, everything there is to know about the travel industry – he’s literally gotten me from Alaska to Afghanistan and back – as well as most everything there is to know about Max’s travel preferences and proclivities. He will make your job immeasurably easier, as he did mine.” - Seth M, NGO – Austin

It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to one of my longtime friends and biggest supporters, Eric Hrubant. Eric owns his own agency called CIRE TRAVEL, with a most dynamic portfolio of clients, who trust him and his team to handle all their travel needs. Eric is not your typical ‘travel agent’ for he is more like a Travel Manager, looking out for the best interest of his clients as well as is a natural at cultivating relationships. I respect Eric immensely and appreciate every stitch of business he sends our collection.” - Suzanne Goldberg, Co-owner of Art of Hospitality Hotels, Massachusetts

We needed someone to help us coordinate group travel to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. I submitted a request online and I received a call from Katy later that day. It felt like I was talking to one of my girlfriends as the conversation just flowed. I'm a big planner so it was important that all aspects of this trip were exactly how we wanted them to be. From managing payments, to sending out reminders and helping us to plan an event on property CIRE Travel hit all points for us. Esther was amazing as well, there wasn't a question that she couldn't answer or get an answer for. We ended up being a group of 34, with 28 booking through Katy and Esther and there were not one couple had an issue with their reservation. I've already recommended them to one of the couples who traveled with us to plan a 40th birthday group trip, I promise you won't be disappointed.” - Erika C, Vacation Client

If you are looking for a top-notch travel agent that can literally make any of your travel demands or wishes a reality, look no farther. The CIRE team, under Eric's meticulous leadership, is simply amazing and unmatched in the industry.  I first had the pleasure of working with Eric through a previous employer. My supervisor had a seemingly infinite list of travel preferences and quirks, not to mention complex multi-country itineraries and revenue streams to cover his excursions. It was one of the most intricate logistical balancing acts I have ever encountered; Eric and his team handled both the requested itineraries and the egos with poise and tact.  Of the many itineraries that Eric helped out on, two particular experiences come to mind. In the midst of a snowstorm on the east coast, my supervisor had to travel along the NYC-DC corridor and modes of transportation were slowly falling away with delays and cancellations. Backups were booked for the backup options, and ultimately my supervisor took the Acela and arrived to an awaiting pick-up service that had been circling the train station for hours in the accumulating snow. I was also traveling in the inclement weather, and Eric checked in with me by phone around 9pm on my return train just to make sure I was making progress toward my final destination. On a second instance, on overseas travel with my supervisor, Eric and his team had reached out to the various hotels we were staying in to ensure personal preferences were paid close attention to. We had welcome notes from the management, bottles of wine, and some of our favorite snack items in the rooms. Such thoughtful touches make one feel immediately at home after long trans-continental hauls.  Since leaving my previous employer, I have had the pleasure of continuing to work with Eric and his team. I have had Eric help book flights for long periods of overseas residence. One advantage to booking anything on United via CIRE is that any changes can circumvent the $300 change fee United charges its customers elsewhere. Eric and his team deal with everything -- gone are the days of picking up the phone and awaiting an airline customer service representative! Seems like a great win-win to me.  CIRE, Eric, and his entire team are gems. I will continue to recommend his services unreservedly to anyone looking for a professional, knowledgeable, courteous, detail-oriented, and extremely responsive travel agent. Keep up the great work, CIRE!” - Faith D, Corporate Travel Client

Whenever I hear horror stories about traveling, be it for business or pleasure, I genuinely feel bad because it’s been so long since I could relate. If you’re on the fence, just do it. Everyone I’ve sent Eric’s way has wondered why it took them so long. Most recently, my husband and I booked our honeymoon through CIRE, and it was flawless. After being introduced to honeymoon-guru, Katy, we had an initial meeting to discuss budget, timing, likes and dislikes. Shortly after, Katy provided several options, asking us to review and scheduling time to go over each in explicit detail. We eventually narrowed down to two itineraries, finally deciding on South Africa. In the midst of wedding planning, instead of googling “South Africa Safari” and hoping to make the right choice, the CIRE team was a much needed “sure thing” that took the burden of choosing the right experiences off our shoulders. They booked the trip and everything was handled. Our honeymoon consisted of 7 flights, 4 hotels and 10 transfers over the course of 2.5 weeks. Writing that out it sounds exhausting, but it was booked in a way that it felt like 3 vacations in one, ending off perfectly with 5 days in Mauritius - AKA paradise on earth.  After all was said and done, Katy’s industry experience came through every step of the way.  Also, this is totally subjective, but I always feel like we’re just treated better when we go through CIRE. There’s something about a hotel/resort seeing who booked your trip that makes them step it up just that little, tiny bit more. Maybe it’s in our heads, but who cares. It still feels just as great, either way.”
-Andrew & Ally H, Honeymoon Clients