Should I Use a Travel Agent?

by Eric Hrubant

The demand for luxury travel, group travel, corporate travel and honeymoon travel is back to pre-pandemic levels. As your trusted travel advisor, along with my team of expert travel planners, our top priority is to equip you with the knowledge you need to travel safely, comfortably and confidently. Our clients rely on us to have their backs and handle every aspect of their corporate, honeymoon or vacation travel. 

Not using a professional travel advisor yet? You should be! Let me answer some frequently asked questions about working with a concierge-style travel agency, like CIRE Travel.

QUESTION:  Should I use a travel advisor?

ANSWER: YES! But of course, we’re biased. Using a professional travel advisor will save you time, money and hassle. Working with a travel advisor at CIRE will also get you perks, upgrades and benefits when you travel.

When flights are overbooked or delayed. When the hotel has no record of your room reservation. When traffic is bad, and a missed flight is imminent. When the umpteenth call to the airlines gets you nowhere. When the gate agent has a mile-long line. When weather threatens to ground all planes. The only thing you want to hear is that someone is handling it. Someone knows what’s going on. Someone is taking care of you. That someone is me or one of my amazing professional travel advisors at CIRE Travel.

QUESTION:  How will working with a travel advisor save me time?

ANSWER: Next time you’re trolling the online airline or hotel aggregators for flights and rooms, start the timer on your phone or watch. By the time you fall down the rabbit hole, comparing this site to that site to the airlines and hotel sites themselves, hours have passed and you just lost half of your day. Now, imagine telling your travel advisor where you want to go, your budget and your expectations. Your travel advisor gets back to you with an itinerary for review and approval, then you’re done. Prior to and during your trip, your CIRE Travel advisor proactively keeps on eye on the details, ensuring smooth travels.

QUESTION:  But I like doing the research on where to go, stay and eat. For me, planning is half the fun! Should I still use a travel advisor?

ANSWER: Absolutely! We love the research and anticipation before a trip, too. We have some clients who know exactly where they want to go, what hotel they want to stay at, etc. They still count on CIRE Travel advisors to book every detail of their luxury vacation or honeymoon. But instead of the aforementioned hours lost looking for the right connection or the best room, you just tell your CIRE Travel advisor and we find you the best options. One of the best things about having CIRE as your luxury travel team is that you can be as hands-on or hands-off as you wish.

QUESTION:  How will working with a travel advisor save me money?

ANSWER: The mere fact that CIRE is a travel agency unlocks connections, savings and perks that aren’t readily doled out to the general public. When you book a vacation, you’re going to a hotel that you will likely only visit once in your life. We book thousands of hotel rooms each year. From complimentary breakfast, food and beverage credits, spa credits, early check-in and room upgrades to welcome amenities (red, white or rose?), these are just some of the perks you can get when working with a travel advisor.

QUESTION:  What does the term “concierge-style, luxury travel agency” mean anyway?

ANSWER: When visiting a new country, I’ve gotten some of the best restaurant recommendations from the hotel concierge. Your CIRE Travel advisor aims to be that expert who provides you with the best tips and insider knowledge. Yes, we book flights, hotels, trains and cars. Yes, we know all the entry requirements for every destination around the world. Yes, we know health requirements for each country, as well as what individual hotels are doing to keep guests safe. But also, we have connections around the world who know all the best kept secrets in their destination. CIRE Travel holds the keys that opens these “travel industry insider” doors. 

QUESTION:  I thought CIRE only did corporate travel planning. Do you handle luxury travel planning, too?

ANSWER: You bet we do! Our vacation and honeymoon divisions were even awarded the coveted “Best of Weddings” award from The Knot for our honeymoon planning. We also plan travel for your company off-site, corporate meetings and group travel. Across CIRE Travel’s locations in New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, and Kennebunkport we have:

  • Corporate travel agents
  • Honeymoon travel agents
  • Luxury travel planners
  • Group travel agents

QUESTION:  What are the benefits of using a professional travel advisor?

ANSWER: Think of CIRE as your invisible entourage. Our travel advisors are behind the scenes attending to the details—some you’ll see, some you won’t. We’re dropping names to get those perks and amenities that’ll make your vacation, corporate trip, group meeting or group travel event wildly successful. We’re pulling strings to handle any changes in plans or issues that pop up. Your CIRE Travel advisor will be readily available to handle every aspect of the travel reservation process – from hotel accommodations to air and ground transportation – and we’re just a phone call or email away. If a problem arises beyond business hours, our 24-hour, year-round After-Hours Desk provides emergency support to travelers anywhere in the world.

QUESTION:  Does CIRE only plan one-off trips, or can you be my go-to travel agency for all of my travel planning needs?

ANSWER: We love long-term relationships!  We get to know our clients better and better after each trip, which means we know their likes and dislikes, their travel habits and preferences.  We can assist with two-week, luxury safaris as well as long-weekend beach getaways.  We’ve been working with some of our clients for over a decade!

QUESTION:  Do you charge a fee for personal or corporate travel planning?

ANSWER: Yes, CIRE charges a professional fee based on the complexity of your trip. After an initial, complimentary consultation call, we will be able to provide you with the amount of the fee for that specific trip. A simple trip where you already know where you want to go and maybe stay, will cost less than an extended trip where we do all of the research, etc. Drop us an email, let us know about the type of trip you’re looking for, and we can set up a quick call and give you a quote.

Need more convincing? Don’t take it from us…read some testimonials from our clients and find out why they say #ionlytravelwithCIRE!

CIRE Travel is a full-service travel agency headquartered in New York, NY.  Our expert team of travel advisors supports clients across the country and around the world.

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