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Travel Like a Fortune 500 CEO, Even if You’re Not

Corporate TravelAs far as airlines and hotels are concerned, unless you’re spending $2 million a year on travel, your company isn’t big enough to warrant 20% discounts across the board. That’s okay. As far as peace of mind and the bottom line goes, you’re better off with CIRE handling your corporate travel program anyway.

Save a Significant Percentage on All Travel
By significant, we mean 15% to 30% off your normal travel spend. CIRE Travel agents secure airfares and accommodations at lower rates that we negotiate through First in Service Travel's sheer buying power.

We can’t promise a specific discount across the board. No one can. Thanks to our First in Service Travel affiliation and close ties to connections and friends in the industry, what we CAN do and do every day for our corporate clients, is:

Waive change fees saving you hundreds of dollars when traveler names or plans change, which you can’t do on your own by calling the airlines.

Book advance purchase fares even after the advance purchase date has passed, scoring you lower 7-, 14- or 21-day advance purchase fares for those last-minute meetings.

Waive preferred seat upcharges so your corporate travelers can relax comfortably and focus on business.

Book room upgrades at lower or standard room rate prices for savings of up to 53% on standard corporate travel rates and 74% on rack rates.

Include amenities and services complementary or at a fraction of the standard cost to make your corporate travelers feel like VIPs.

Gain an Overwhelming Return on Service

There is an undeniable link between CIRE’s concierge-level of service and your company’s bottom line. Cutting company travel expenses by up to 30% is reason enough for CIRE Travel to manage your corporate travel program. But, don’t underestimate the return on service.

From closing a deal to saving an account and every scenario in between, your bottom line depends on your people being where they need to be on time, no matter what.

Our corporate travel planners micromanage every detail of each reservation. We’ve ensured our clients arrive at their destinations when volcano eruptions have halted all air traffic, when snowstorms shut down airports and when executives overslept. Just one call to CIRE, and it’s handled. That’s all you and your corporate travelers want to hear.

When 60+ clients’ flights were cancelled one winter day, we rebooked all of them – none in the middle seat – within minutes, some even before the airlines announced cancellations.

Impress Your CFO with Hard Core Data
Anyone can promise savings on your corporate travel program. It’s another to see those savings monetized in a spreadsheet. Receive an easy-to-read monthly or quarterly detailed corporate travel report with an in-depth look at your company’s travel expenditures, savings (gross and net) and how they were achieved (i.e., First in Service Travel discount, waiver/favor, suggesting another route). It beats sifting through piles of invoices.

Keep Your Team Safe with Our Duty of Care Promise
Under Duty of Care, CIRE Travel runs reports for all your corporate travelers in the event of advance or immediate warnings of world events or weather that could force travel delays or cancellations. In the event of a possible or impending delay, our team jumps into a proactive contingency mode rerouting and rescheduling as necessary.

CIRE Travel’s corporate travel planners are not 9-to-5 employees. They are career agents who love what they do and genuinely care about your corporate travelers. Reach out to them or CIRE Travel’s owner, Eric Hrubant, any time, even at 3:00 am in case of an emergency.

A CEO client was in Paris during a terrorist attack. Emails and calls to the CEO and the company HR manager confirmed he was safe. Companies are responsible for employees during corporate travel, so it is imperative that whereabouts and upcoming itineraries can be tracked.

Savings, Service, Safety and the Data to Prove It

Interested in learning more about our personalized approach to corporate travel services? Visit our FAQ page.

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Wherever You Travel. Whatever You Do. CIRE Travel’s Got It Handled.
"Eric is truly the best travel planner. He goes above and beyond every time, without fault. He seizes absolutely every opportunity to improve and enhance your travel experience. As a client, I know I benefit each trip from the relationships he has established, and the credibility and outstanding reputation he has earned in the industry. His disposition, ease, and professionalism qualitatively set him apart. Regardless of the request, the urgency, the challenge, he handles each issue and transaction with a calm and efficient attitude. Above all, he is just a great person and simply such a pleasure to work with. I have and will continue to recommend Eric, without hesitation and unconditionally, to anyone who needs a corporate travel agent. And if you think you don’t need one, after working with Eric for a couple of times, you’ll wonder how you lived without him.”

– Kiersten C, Cyber Security – Virginia

"I was spending countless hours on travel booking and airline websites. What was taking me a ridiculous amount of time to do, CIRE Travel handled in minutes. And with a trip involving three airlines and four airports, I’m relieved knowing that if something goes wrong, I just call CIRE.” 

– Brenda H, Advertising – Kansas City

"We got a solicitation voicemail yesterday from some corporate travel agency down the street, and I made a point of calling them back just to tell them that we were so happy with our travel guru, CIRE Travel. We didn’t need to hear about their corporate travel planning services because we were not looking to change. Shortest solicitation call of my life.”

– Emilian P, Cyber Security – Washington, DC

"Eric is wonderful! He helped me organize a week-long conference in New Delhi and he managed each piece seamlessly—from the flights to the hotels to the ground transportation. He knew all about our various options within New Delhi and helped weigh in thoughtfully as we finalized our contracts with each vendor. He was a genuine pleasure to work along every step of the process!”

–Preeti B, Fashion – New York

"Eric is so great that he takes care of problems before you even know there is a problem, especially with weather delays and other travel snafus. I cannot say enough good things about Eric and his team and highly recommend them for both personal travel and corporate travel planning needs!” 

– Benjamin, Media – New York