Raise Your Glass If #IOnlyTravelWithCIRE

As we mark our 5th anniversary, thank you for helping us check off our 2013 business goals.

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Boston cityscape

CIRE Travel Opens a New Office in Boston Led by Travel Industry Veteran, Terri O’Brien

NEW YORK, NY (May 22, 2018) – Manhattan-based CIRE Travel announced today that it will open a new office in Boston to be led by travel industry veteran Terri O’Brien.

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When is the Best Time to Plan Your Dream Summer Vacation? NOW!

Even though some of us still have snow melting, it’s officially spring. That means we’re just a few short months from the busiest vacation travel time of the year. We know how quickly your busy days can fly by, but before you know it, summer will be here. It’s not too late to start planning an epic adventure or a relaxing retreat for your summer vacation.

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Hotel bed

Our Favorite Things: The Trafalgar St. James, London, in The Art of Hospitality’s Hotel Portfolio

Not that you’d want to, but if you did… you could experience the best of London without ever leaving The Trafalgar St. James. The Trafalgar – run by dedicated hoteliers, not a corporation – is a true destination hotel, combining London’s greatest modern elements and showcasing them via design, décor, food, drink and service. 

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Plane landing in snow

Don’t Face Winter Without CIRE Travel and Veselka’s Matzo Ball Soup

There are two things you should never face winter without: CIRE Travel and knowing where to find the best matzo ball soup in New York City. Both can get you through the worst things about winter – travel delays and being sick.

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Pool and cabana

Contrasting Honeymoons for Couples Who Want the Best of Both Worlds

You want to honeymoon in an exotic location and experience things you both will remember for a lifetime. That you can agree on. But, you might have different ideas on where that location is and what those experiences involve. With a contrasting honeymoon, you both have the honeymoon of your dreams and can save the compromising for grocery shopping and house cleaning.

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Idaho potato museum

A Q&A with Rebecca Sanders, New Member of the “Visited All 50 States” Club

Ten years ago, Rebecca Sanders, one of our corporate travel planners, set a goal to visit all 50 states. In September 2017, she achieved that goal. Idaho was the last on her list, but definitely not least. We asked Rebecca to tell us all about her trip, and we’re sharing the highlights of her Idaho adventure with you.

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Business woman hiding under desk

Marge in HR Shouldn’t be Your Corporate Travel Planner

Marge in HR is about to come unhinged. Corporate travel planning has fallen on her shoulders, and she doesn’t have time to browse hundreds of travel sites to compare prices, book and manage reservations, much less track and report travel expenses.

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Man meditation on bench

Protecting Traveling Employees in a Time of “Permanxiety”

The global travel industry news platform, Skift, coined the term “permanxiety” to describe travelers’ current state of mind in light of natural disasters, mass shootings, passengers removed from flights and general unrest. At a global forum, industry thought leaders discussed how permanxiety was affecting travel and how they were responding. Permanxiety is a thing now, but our processes and concierge-style service help alleviate the anxiety of traveling for our clients.

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Top to travel experiences

CIRE Travel’s Five Favorite Urban Wellness Hotels

CIRE works with a collection of properties that cater to executives who value luxury and wellness-centered services and amenities. From fitness programs and spa treatments to lifestyle-specific healthy, gluten-free and vegan menus, business travelers have more options than ever to stay centered during hectic work weeks.

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