Exploring the Best of East Africa, CIRE Style

Amy Brueckner started her travel career off right with an African safari. She shares her experience with us…

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Chief of Staff, Amy Brueckner’s “Jobbymoon” Takes Her Around the World and Back Again

Amy recalls…

My first trip around the world in 2008 lasted three months. 100 days to be exact. I visited five countries: Australia, Thailand, China, Japan, and Italy (plus Hawaii). I did the trip solo, though a few friends, and family met up with me at points along the way.  The impetus for the trip was what people would now call a “jobbymoon.” I was leaving a job in Atlanta, and relocating back to New York, and the break between gigs provided the perfect opportunity for a travel adventure.

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Apartment Therapy turns to CIRE Travel’s Eric Hrubant to Help Decode New TSA Travel Rules

Apartment Therapy, a home and décor site, offers its readers different ways to build their own “good life,” based not only on style but on lifestyle, too. The online publisher recently consulted CIRE’s Chief Travel Planning Officer, Eric Hrubant, for a feature on updated travel rules.

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CIRE Claus Holiday Sweepstakes Official Rules

CIRE Claus is giving away $1,000 travel voucher. You better not pout. You better not cry. We’re telling you why.

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Five Places That’ll Make You Fall in Love with Beijing, China

“To visit Beijing is to fall in love with Beijing, China,” says Esther Klijn. She should know since she just returned from Beijing. Esther was on a mission to find the top experiences in Beijing for CIRE Travel’s clients.

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CIRE Travel’s Top 5 Destinations in Shanghai, China

Trekking your way through China – with the Great Wall, the world’s largest population and approximately half of all bicycles on the planet – is much easier with the help of some insider knowledge. CIRE’s own Esther Klijn recently traveled to Shanghai and immersed herself in the iconic city and its culture. She brought back a wealth of information and shares her top 5 favorite things in Shanghai, China.

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CIRE-Tested Tips to Avoid Culture Shock While Traveling China

Don’t Get in Line to Wait Your Turn
Remember, China is a highly populated country and personal space is a luxury the Chinese do not have. The concept of forming or getting in queue is a suggestion, at best. If others who cut in line and even push past you start to raise your blood pressure, remember, it’s part of the culture so don’t hesitate to move defensively.

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Oh, the Places CIRE Travel Agents Went in 2018

No amount of internet research or scrolling through countless online travel reviews compares to firsthand knowledge of a vacation or honeymoon destination. Even a business trip can be elevated to vacation-like status with the right accommodation.

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Myths About Working with a Travel Advisor

Don’t Let These Common Travel Myths Fool You (CIRE Clients are Too Smart for That Anyway)

You can rely on online travel reviews for credible insights.
No, no you can’t.

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Domino’s “These Are the Places Top Travel Agents Say You Absolutely Must Visit” Features CIRE Travel

Domino, an ultimate guide for a stylish life and home, curates market and on-trend products to provide its readers with a blueprint to design an authentic, high vibrational life.

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