CIRE travel: A New Look, Name and Leader.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. We suppose this is true as we officially roll out our new agency brand, name and website. A lot of the changes have taken place behind the scenes. Others will be more obvious to our corporate travel clients.

Eric Hrubant, former director of MMG/Journeycorp, took control of the agency in January 2013. Under his leadership, the agency is now known as CIRE Travel. Like all smart business owners, Eric has taken a slow and steady approach to transitioning from MMG to CIRE.

“Our corporate travel clients are busy. Travel has become confusing. Smaller businesses aren’t given the access to corporate rates and perks that the big guys get. My vision for CIRE is to be the boutique corporate travel agency with stellar personalized service and the travel planning tools that our clients need. Not only to compete, but to allow them to reduce their travel costs and stay focused on their priorities, which doesn’t happen to be wasting time on websites comparing fares and making reservations,” says Eric.

Here’s an overview of what has changed and what has stayed the same.

The obvious changes include our new name: CIRE Travel. Along with the name, we also underwent a brand makeover. New logo, new colors and new stationery.

The CIRE Travel website was designed to reflect our agency culture and our dedication to our corporate travel clients. The site details our services and our approach to planning business travel, meetings, group travel and personal trips.

Perhaps the biggest change is our affiliation with Tzell Travel Group. We chose Tzell because of the tremendous benefits this alliance brings to our clients. Tzell is one of the world’s largest travel companies and with that size comes impressive buying power. As a Tzell affiliate, clients can expect even more discounts, perks, program options and more from CIRE Travel—all the exclusive pricing and amenities that organizations can’t access on their own.

Underneath CIRE’s shiny new exterior, you’ll find that what matters most has stayed the same. The travel advisors clients have come to rely on are still on staff. Our dedication to arranging every last trip detail, things other agents don’t think about, is solid as ever. Our uncanny ability to solve travel-related problems that arise is as strong as ever—especially now with Tzell’s industry power behind us.

Ease. Confidence. Cost Savings. The peace of mind knowing everything about your business trip is handled. More importantly, if plans are interrupted, CIRE is here to fix them. Anytime.

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