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CIRE Travel Opens a New Office in Boston Led by Travel Industry Veteran, Terri O’Brien

NEW YORK, NY (May 22, 2018) – Manhattan-based CIRE Travel announced today that it will open a new office in Boston to be led by travel industry veteran Terri O’Brien.

CIRE Travel, an affiliate of First in Service Travel, focuses on concierge-style planning for corporate travel, groups and meetings and honeymoon clients. The addition of O’Brien, a Boston native, leading the Boston office gives CIRE’s clients access to a greater network of connections, both in Boston and around the world. Through her 30 years as a travel agent, O’Brien developed expertise in both leisure and corporate travel. She worked for several independent travel agencies as well as large entities. At   American Express she served clients such as Goldman Sachs and global ad agency, Arnold Worldwide.

“Terri is the epitome of CIRE-level service,” says Eric Hrubant, CIRE Travel’s chief travel planning officer and CEO. “Her 30 years of experience means she understands business travelers’ needs in ways novice agents simply can’t. Expertise is paramount to us, that’s why we choose our expansion cities based on where we discover the greatest talent and fit for our team. Last year, CIRE Travel expanded to Los Angeles when travel expert, Katy Rebrovich, joined us.”

As a business and international travel hub, a CIRE office in Boston will help to serve CIRE Travel’s corporate clients who range from entrepreneurs to mid-sized businesses. The agency is a long-time favorite among agencies, publishers, professional associations and others whose jobs and reputations rely on being at a destination on time and in style, no matter what. 

“Our clients trust our agents to be the only call they need to make for every imaginable travel itinerary and scenario,” says Hrubant. “For our corporate clients, time is money. Through our industry relationships, our clients enjoy perks, upgrades, waivers and savings up to 30 percent (benefits usually reserved for Fortune 500 travelers). Plus, knowing that any issue will be handled with one phone call to us eliminates any travel stress for our clients so they can focus on their work.”

“In my 30 years of travel planning, not one day has been like any other,” says O’Brien. “Arranging itineraries and booking travel are not the most important aspects of my job. I’m here to help people, regardless of the timeline or situation. No one enjoys waiting in line, dealing with reservations that don’t go as planned or any of the other issues that can derail a business trip. I’m here to handle those challenges. I’m here to use my connections to our clients’ benefit.”

About CIRE Travel
Founded in 2013 by Eric Hrubant, CIRE Travel is headquartered in New York City and has offices in Los Angeles and Boston. The agency is backed by the power of First in Service Travel, which Business Travel News ranks first among the nation’s largest corporate travel management companies. CIRE Travel specializes in luxury honeymoons, meetings and group travel and corporate travel. Its team of seasoned industry professionals taps into their travel industry connections to give their clients the same perks, waivers, upgrades and buying power that Fortune 500 companies receive. These connections and level of service are the foundation of CIRE Travel’s promise: “It’s handled.”

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