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Our Favorite Things: Blue Ribbon Bags

You’re the last one standing at the baggage carousel. And it comes to a screeching halt. You got off the plane. Your bags weren’t so lucky. The airline’s customer service center is stumped as to where your luggage went, and now you’re stuck with only the clothes on your back. Doesn’t matter if you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you’re not prepared for either without your “stuff.” Fast-forward five days… Your luggage STILL hasn’t arrived, but a check for at least $1000 with your name on it has! “How is this possible?” you ask. “Sounds too good to be true,” you say. Maybe you’re rolling your eyes? I had the same reaction. But that’s exactly how Blue Ribbon Bags works. And I’ll gladly fork over $5 to them for baggage insurance every time I fly from now on. Here’s how it works: If the airline loses your luggage and it’s not back in your possession within four days of your flight landing, Blue Ribbon Bags pays you up to $2000 per bag for up to two bags per person. There are three levels of baggage insurance:


All you have to do to submit a claim with Blue Ribbon Bags is notify the airline that the baggage did not arrive (which you have to do anyway). Note the file reference (or file locator) number and baggage tag number(s) and submit your Blue Ribbon Bags claim by phone or online. With Blue Ribbon Bags, you don’t have to prove what was in your luggage to receive payment. After all, who really keeps receipts on clothing and personal items you’ve had for who knows how long? Unlike the airlines, Blue Ribbon Bags doesn’t make you jump through hoops or wait six months for the check. Plus, it protects all bags checked at the airport or at the gate last minute. You’re covered on every leg of your flight, regardless of how many layovers you have. And Blue Ribbon Bags covers every flight, on every airline around the world! What if your bags are found on the 5th day or they’re also covered by travel or credit card insurance? Doesn’t matter. Payment is guaranteed either way. You get to keep the Blue Ribbon bag payment, along with any others you receive. Yes, I was skeptical—I’m a New Yorker. Of course, it sounded too good to be true. Then I realized that many of CIRE Travel’s corporate and leisure travel customers felt the same way about us until the first time they needed our help and we came through. Whether it’s special pricing, an exclusive hotel perk or a $1000 payment if your bag is lost, there are companies out there that will surprise you with what they can do.

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