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Marge in HR Shouldn’t be Your Corporate Travel Planner

Marge in HR is about to come unhinged. Corporate travel planning has fallen on her shoulders, and she doesn’t have time to browse hundreds of travel sites to compare prices, book and manage reservations, much less track and report travel expenses.

The internet caused many companies to bring their corporate travel planning in-house, which has brought people like Marge to the brink. Poor Marge, aside… Companies are realizing that handling travel in-house is costing them financially and operationally. Much to many people’s delight, using corporate travel agents is back in vogue again.

What CIRE’s Corporate Travel Team Can Do That Marge Can’t

Save 15% to 30% Off Your Normal Travel Spend
Thanks to CIRE Travel’s affiliation with First in Service Travel our corporate travel planners purchase airfares and accommodations at lower rates. No one can promise a certain discount across the board. If they do, and your company isn’t a Fortune 1,000 company, they’re exaggerating (a nice way to say lying).

And, since we work with airlines and hotel groups every day, CIRE is able to:

  • Waive change fees when traveler names or plans change, which Marge can’t do on her own by calling the airlines.
  • Book 7-, 14- or 21-day advance purchase fares after the advance purchase date has passed for those last-minute meetings.
  • Waive preferred seat upcharges so your corporate travelers can fly in comfort.
  • Book room upgrades at lower or standard room rate prices saving up to 53% on standard corporate travel rates and 74% on rack rates.
  • Secure VIP amenities and services complementary or at a fraction of the standard cost.

Achieve a Return on Service
CIRE’s concierge-level of service effects your company’s bottom line. An up to 30% savings on travel spend is measurable and impressive. But, there’s also the return on service to factor in.

Sales and accounts depend on your staff being where they need to be on time, as promised. CIRE’s corporate travel planners micromanage the details of every reservation. So, when weather, world events or personal issues come up, just one call or email to CIRE means we’ll do whatever we have to do to get your people there.

Generate Travel Reports with Savings Tied in a Bow
Seeing the savings on travel spend is believing. Depending on your reporting schedule, CIRE sends an easy-to-read monthly or quarterly corporate travel report with an in-depth look at your company’s travel expenditures, savings (gross and net) and how they were achieved (i.e., First in Service Travel discount, waiver/favor, suggesting another route).

Stand by a Duty of Care Promise to Keep Your Corporate Travelers Safe
Under Duty of Care, CIRE tracks all your corporate travelers in case world events or weather threaten travel delays or cancellations. In the event of a possible or impending delay, our team jumps into contingency mode rerouting and rescheduling. Our business hours aren’t business as usual, and we care about our clients. Contact us 24/7 in case of an emergency, and it’s handled. Period.

Our Travel Industry Connections are Your Connections
The phrase, “It’s not what you know, but who you know” is especially true in the corporate travel industry. CIRE Travel has key connections in the travel industry. And, we gladly share them with our clients, so your business travelers enjoy VIP perks.

CIRE Travel’s corporate travel planners think of things, pull off travel miracles and get perks that Marge simply can’t. Contact us today and learn more about how we can elevate your travel program and coax poor Marge out from under her desk.

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