Things To Do During A Layover In Delhi, India

When your travels involve a layover, count on CIRE Travel to help make the time enjoyable. You never know… with the right suggestions, your layover might become the highlight of your trip. You can see and experience a lot in just a few hours or a whole day during your layover in, let’s say, Delhi!

Things to do on a layover in Delhi

Delhi has monuments and ruins scattered throughout the city along with modern structures and high-rise towers. The city is divided into Old and New Delhi, each beautiful in its own way. Old Delhi is a maze of narrow lanes lined with shops. New Delhi has wide avenues and colonial mansions. Bazaars. Culture. Tradition. Only the length of your layover limits your options. Many activities can be customized to between 4 – 8 hours, and we checked with a trusted friend, Mohan, at Travel Scope in India for his favorite things to do on a layover in Delhi.

Half day tour of Old Delhi with a rickshaw ride

There is no better way to experience the culture and beauty of Old Delhi than by taking a rickshaw ride through its historic streets. With monuments and ruins scattered throughout the area, Old Delhi is a fascinating fusion of traditional Indian culture and modernity. A rickshaw ride lets you connect personally to the city, and offers better access to the twisting and turning streets lined with shops. A simple tour of Old Delhi usually takes about half a day, so this can be an exciting opportunity to travel off the beaten path for those who have a bit more time during a Delhi layover. A far cry from the modern airport and surrounding area, Old Delhi is a vibrant area with a diverse cultural and historical charm just waiting for exploration.

 Food walk in Old Delhi

India in general is famous for its fantastic food, but Old Delhi in particular takes cuisine to a new level with an array of traditional ethnic cuisine melded with new flavors. Explore the extraordinary culinary scene that Old Delhi has to offer with the assistance of an expert chef, consultant or historian to guide you. Tours can easily be customized to fit almost any time frame, and locations can be personalized to fit your interests perfectly. From the stalls on the street to the excellent restaurants, it is easy to immerse yourself in the sights and aromas of authentic Indian food.

 Dinner with an Indian family with lessons on home cooking

For an average traveler, airport food is just that: food. A necessity, not an adventure. But in Delhi, food is a way of life. One fantastic way to experience the culture and cuisine that the city has to offer is to have dinner with an Indian family while learning to home cook authentic meals at the same time. The experience of dining with a local family means you eat as a local with locals, experiencing Indian culture and traditions through others’ eyes. Along the way, you’ll learn traditional ways of preparing Indian meals and perhaps even pick up a few tips to take back home.

 A privately arranged yoga class

While yoga continues to grow in popularity throughout the world, India has a special connection to the practice – yoga is said to have its roots in the country. So why not learn from the best? Delhi in particular offers many different centers and types of yoga, with skill levels suited for anywhere from beginners to the most experienced yogis. Classes can be arranged to fit almost any schedule or time limit, and private sessions can offer a personalized feel that cater to your tastes. Especially with a hectic schedule, why not take advantage of your layover in Delhi to find calm and relaxation through yoga? Ommmmm…

 Architecture walks

There are few cities in the world that are more rich and diverse in history than Delhi. As one of the oldest on Earth, the city has an unparalleled variety of historical sites and architectural marvels. You could visit Humayun’s Tomb, the first garden tomb in India, which is located in the heart of Delhi. The complex is a structural wonder and is said to be the inspiration for India’s most iconic landmark, the Taj Mahal. Or you could explore British New Delhi, an area of the city renowned for its unique style of construction fusing traditional Indian ideas with Western style. Architecture tours are a rewarding way to soak in the culture and rich history of the city of Delhi.

 Tea tasting

Tea from India is known and valued throughout the world today, and Delhi is one of the best places to drink Indian tea. An expert can provide insight and tips on the intricacies of Indian tea while you sip the famous Darjeeling varieties from West Bengal to lesser-known leaves. Ideal for those with just a few hours to spend in Delhi, tea tasting allows you to explore a key aspect of Indian culture and learn how to steep a perfect cup.

 Art walks

Delhi is a vibrant city with a dynamic art scene, which can be surprisingly easy to take in during a layover. The city is particularly known for a thriving contemporary art scene, which is beautifully showcased in the National Gallery of Modern Art. You’ll also get the opportunity to study several private collections from up-and-coming artists and meet with experts in the field. Art walks are ideal for travelers with around four hours to spend in the city. That’s sufficient time to enjoy all of the diverse selections.

No matter where you find yourself on a layover anywhere in the world, CIRE’s leisure and corporate travel planners can suggest and arrange things to do and places to go to make your time there memorable.

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