Security Tips for the Savvy Business Traveler

As corporate travel planners, we take pride in the fact that our business travel clients have our team behind them every second of their trip. We are your invisible entourage, clearing your way to the plane, the hotel or meeting when delays or logistics threaten to derail your plans.

Now, if we were physically standing behind you, we also could be your private security team. Keeping a watchful eye on your bags, your room and you. Since that’s not possible, we offer security tips and tricks to help keep you safe and your belongings secure.

Personal security tips that apply to any traveler, anywhere

We recommend hotel rooms on the second floor and up, avoiding bottom floors. Rooms farther away from recreation areas, elevators and stairwells are safest since they are the less easily accessible. Hotel accommodations that cater to corporate clientele follow a high level of service to meet higher expectations. Hotel staff will have a particular manner of dress and behavior. Take note of these and be wary of those who do not appear to “fit in.” Though rare, there are incidents of people impersonating hotel staff to access rooms.

Most corporate travelers have more on their minds than memorizing credit card numbers and customer service contact information. Protect your personal information by copying your credit cards and identification (passport or driver’s license). Keep these copies in a different place than the originals. You might leave copies with someone you trust. Should your cards or ID be lost or stolen, having copies saves time in reporting them missing.

The most common sense tip is the one most often forgotten. Lock the deadbolt or use the swing lock when in your room to prevent unauthorized key use.

Corporate theft isn’t just in movies

WiFi security has come a long way, and hotels put an emphasis on ensuring their WiFi is safe for guests. But like the rest of the world, hotels are not immune to hackers. Anytime you’re connected to WiFi there is a risk. The personal and corporate data that business travelers might trade over open WiFi networks can be better protected with a secure connection.

Logging in to a Virtual Private Network, or VPN, can make all the difference in the world for the business travelers who are going to use the free WiFi in a hotel. As long as the VPN has some sort of encryption, many of the other potential security threats involved with using free WiFi disappear. Free VPNs are not going to be as good as the paid ones, but both of them are still going to help keep your information safe.

The FBI’s website reminds business travelers that privacy laws in other countries are not similar to those we have in the U.S. During the Olympics, hotels in Beijing were required to install software that allowed law enforcement to monitor guests’ Internet activity. Information sent electronically, especially over wireless connections, can be intercepted legally. Being familiar with your destination country’s privacy laws can help you determine what types of data you share while you’re traveling.

CIRE makes corporate travel simple, and even enjoyable. More importantly, we can help make it safer.

If you’ve counted on CIRE’s corporate travel planners to plan your business itinerary… If you’ve called us over a lost reservation or a cancelled flight… If you’ve enjoyed the perks that come with having our connections… Then you know we make travel simple, safe and even enjoyable.

However, part of having an engaged and well-traveled team of corporate travel planners is the personal experience and contacts we have all over the world. Our team can familiarize you with customs, laws and nuances prior to arrival at your destination. And remember, we are available 24/7 should you need anything while you’re traveling.

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