Travel Advisor…or Superhero?

By Eric Hrubant

Hello travelers,

It’s hard to imagine, but almost every time I meet someone new and tell them about my business, I get the question, “Travel Advisors?! Do they still exist?” I always smile and start telling one of my favorite CIRE Travel rescue stories. If you’re on this email newsletter list, you’ve likely been rescued at least once by Esther, Nikki, Robyn, Melissa, Terri or me. Below are some of my favorite Super CIRE moments, as well as some kind words from grateful clients – proof that travel agents still exist and proof of why no one should plan an important trip without one! The next time someone asks why YOU use a travel advisor, feel free to forward them this email.

CIRE to the Rescue!

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, winging it alone is the last thing you want to do when it comes to travel planning these days. Why use a travel agent? It comes down to two words: It’s Handled. Erupting volcanoes. State Department Travel Advisories. Flooded Balinese hotels. Global pandemic. Read on for bonafide “CIRE to the Rescue” stories.

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Who Needs a Travel Advisor? (Answer: You do!)

We know, we know… We’re definitely biased. But don’t just take it from us. Sometimes it helps to hear from an outside source about why you need to work with a professional travel advisor. Cue one of our favorite clients and travel bloggers, Jamie Edwards, who wrote a recent article on just this topic. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

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Love Letters from Our Clients

What do our corporate, vacation and honeymoon travelers think about working with CIRE? Read verbatim quotes from actual clients. “You like us! You really like us!”

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