8 Questions With… Jackie Roby, Chief Excellence Officer at Inspired Journey Consulting

CIRE’s “8 Questions With…” is a place to feature our awesome partners in the travel industry. These are the people we work with to make sure your business trip, vacation or honeymoon is on point.  And while many of us are staying put right now, travel-dreaming and travel planning are at an all-time high.  One thing that we’re suggesting to our clients as a potential first trip is a wellness vacation.  What’s a wellness vacation?  Well, let us introduce you to our friend, colleague and wellness expert, Jackie Roby, Chief Excellence Officer at Inspired Journey Consulting.

CIRE: Hello Jackie! Congratulations on your new venture!  Tell us all about Inspired Journey Consulting!

JACKIE: As a travel industry veteran, I took the leap of trust to start my own business supporting wellness, healing, and transformational travel.  At Inspired Journey, I offer support to travel specialists, wellness travelers, and well-being tourism businesses.

CIRE: How do you work with travel advisors?

JACKIE: Wellness travel is more personalized, complex, and niche than many other areas of travel, which means it needs to be taught and sold in a different way. I work with wellness tourism businesses on sales strategy and consulting, as well as train travel specialists on the “who” and “why” behind them. As in, who should stay there? Why choose them? This is more than booking a Swedish massage or weekly yoga class. It’s Ayurveda, Thalasso therapy, Kneipp Method, life coaching, detox. The list goes on.

CIRE: It seems like, these days, we could all use a little more wellness in our lives.  Tell us more about wellness travel and why it’s such a growing travel trend.

JACKIE: We all leave vacations wanting more time off and a wellness vacation is no different. The uncommon thread is a wellness getaway leaves you energized and excited to get back to your life with the tools you learned, positive outlook on challenging situations, or simply more love in your heart.

CIRE: So where is your personal favorite place to immerse yourself in a wellness vacation?

JACKIE: This is a tough one. I love The Retreat Costa Rica! It’s a 13-room boutique hotel on top of a crystal mountain with daily yoga, hikes, cooking classes, and a breathtaking spa overlooking the Pacific Valley. Most of the fruits, vegetables, and herbs used in the food are grown on site. I’m addicted to the raw vegan chocolate chip cookies left at turndown. I may or may not have chased the chef looking for more. Each room has a selenite crystal and diffuser of thieves to balance the energy for guests. You’ll see thoughtful details like this at every turn. I’d recommend booking the Travel Recovery Massage upon arrival or before you leave.

CIRE: You had us at chocolate chip cookies. But hold on a minute… Crystal mountain? Diffuser of thieves?  Explain please.

JACKIE:  There is incredible healing power in crystals. In fact, white quartz is considered a master healer. That makes the crystal quartz mountain even more appealing as it creates an energy of balance throughout the body including stimulating the immune system.

Thieves is a blend of other essential oils; cinnamon, cloves, eucalyptus, lemon, and rosemary. The combination creates a powerful energy and mood booster as well as fighting nasal and sinus congestion. I can tell you that I sleep better in these rooms than my own home. Which is why I’m investing in essential oil diffusers next.

CIRE: You live in Boston now…and we have a CIRE Travel office there.  Where should we meet for drinks and dinner next time we’re in town?

JACKIE: In Boston, RUKA is probably my favorite spot with Japanese Peruvian cuisine. Meat lovers should try the Japanese fried chicken drizzled with brown butter honey. Drool worthy. (Vegetarian) food lovers should order the Nasu Dragon sushi, a maki made with panko fried eggplant, roasted peppers, avocado, and some level of sorcery. You never expected vegetarian sushi to taste this magnificent. I’m very particular about favorite spots because it has to have a balance of unique, delicious food and equally unique, delicious cocktails.

CIRE: SAME (re: the cocktails)!  How did you get into the travel business?

JACKIE: It was unintentional yet destined. When I was younger, my family used to go camping for vacations. Apparently, at the wise age of three I turned to my mom and said, “Let’s leave Dad and my sisters here. You and I should get a hotel.” I started in hotel sales 18 years ago after a cameo in casino marketing.

CIRE: LOL!  Sounds like a girl after our own heart!  What do you love most about your job?

JACKIE: At the risk of sounding cheesy, I like using my superpowers for good. I believe wellness tourism is a positive step in the direction of happiness, inclusivity, and productivity.

CIRE:  AGREED!  Let’s wear our capes when we meet up for dinner!  Thank you, Super Jackie!



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