Don’t Know Economy From Your Premium Economy Class?

Airlines That Embrace the “Pay More, Get More” Concept with the Best Premium Economy Class

Never do those larger, more comfortable first class seats look more inviting than when you’re walking past them toward the cramped economy cabin for a loooong flight. But first class fares aren’t an option for all travelers. Virgin Atlantic was the first airline to “get” this, and responded by introducing Premium Economy in the early 90s.

Today, many airlines have embraced the Premium Economy concept, offering some first class amenities like wider seating, extra legroom, preferential boarding, snacks and cocktails, and wi-fi and entertainment at a lower price point. Airlines have their own unique names and included amenities for Premium Economy service, which can make it tricky for passengers to differentiate one from another.

True Premium Economy seating isn’t found in the Economy cabin. True Premium Economy is a separate section, and it is often similar to first and business class areas. With more fare options than ever, airlines are grappling with how to add value to Premium Economy without diluting their more expensive fares.

If the airlines struggle with offering different classes, how are travelers paying for Premium Economy to know if they are getting the best value for the extra expense? Relying on a travel agency like CIRE Travel takes out the guesswork. Experienced travel planners work with clients to match the fare to the needs and budget.

There are also surveys conducted like the one Skift recently published that ranks the best Premium Economy cabins for long-haul flights. According to the article,

“We evaluated only the best of those cabins which fit a true definition of Premium Economy as a separate cabin space, unique seating, perks, benefits, amenities, and special meals and entertainment. The airlines we chose for our ratings all offer some level of clear advantage in this Premium Economy product.

Virgin Atlantic can take great pride in being the clear winner in the category of Premium Economy ratings. How many of us can say that we look as smart as we did in 1992, and have remained at the lead among our peers for all those years? Virgin Atlantic has kept up with new product innovations and continues to embody excellence in this category.”

Five other airlines ranked best for long-haul Premium Economy cabins, including Japan Airlines, SAS, Air France and Air New Zealand.

Tiered fares allow travelers to pay extra for the amenities that personally matter most whether that’s a more comfortable sleep experience or food and beverage options. CIRE Travel’s leisure and corporate travel planners can match the airline best suited to your preferences, budget and destination.

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