Plane landing in snow

Don’t Face Winter Without CIRE Travel and Veselka’s Matzo Ball Soup

There are two things you should never face winter without: CIRE Travel and knowing where to find the best matzo ball soup in New York City. Both can get you through the worst things about winter – travel delays and being sick.

In January, we proactively rebooked 30 corporate travel and leisure travel clients when a winter storm was predicted to cause numerous flight delays and cancellations. Less than two weeks later, our travel agents were at it again around-the-clock, watching a winter storm stretching from Texas to Maine and rerouting our clients so they could get to their destinations on time.

If you’ve been traveling during a storm or had travel plans threatened by weather forecasts, then you know what a frustrating hassle it is to try to rebook reservations on your own. You’re waiting in line or on hold for airlines’ attention. Rarely, are you satisfied with their solution. 

All you want to know is that someone is looking out for you and has the industry connections to make sure you get to your destination. That someone is your CIRE Travel agent. With the global power of Tzell, we relieve the stress of travel delays, so you can focus on getting the job done or getting your vacation started.

CIRE travel agents micromanage every detail of your travel itinerary. We’ve ensured our clients arrive at their destinations when volcano eruptions have halted all air traffic, when snowstorms shut down airports and when people have overslept. Just one call to CIRE, and it’s handled.

How We Do It
Under Duty of Care, CIRE Travel’s team runs reports for all our travelers. Should advance or immediate warnings of world events or weather cause travel delays or cancellations, our team jumps into a proactive contingency mode. We reroute and reschedule as necessary, so you’re never left waiting in line or on hold.

CIRE Travel’s agents are not nine to five employees. Reach out to us, any time, even at 3:00 am in case of an emergency. We can’t change the weather or keep you from getting sick, but we can make sure you have the best travel team handling your itinerary. And, when you need a bowl of the best matzo ball soup to make you feel better, head straight to Veselka at 144 Second Avenue in New York City. 

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