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Protecting Traveling Employees in a Time of “Permanxiety”

The global travel industry news platform, Skift, coined the term “permanxiety” to describe travelers’ current state of mind in light of natural disasters, mass shootings, passengers removed from flights and general unrest. At a global forum, industry thought leaders discussed how permanxiety was affecting travel and how they were responding. Permanxiety is a thing now, but our processes and concierge-style service help alleviate the anxiety of traveling for our clients.

The Legal and Moral Obligations Under Duty of Care
Companies have a legal and moral responsibility to protect the safety, health and security of employees traveling on business. Duty of Care is a legal statute under which employers are required to pinpoint predictable risk and implement plans to avoid and protect from those risks. Types of risks can include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Travel-related illnesses
  • Urgent or life-threatening medical emergencies
  • Logistic and security issues in places experiencing political and/or cultural conflicts
  • Natural disasters

CIRE Travel’s group travel planners are not 9-to-5 employees. We genuinely care about your employees traveling on business, and are available any time. Following Duty of Care, CIRE Travel generates reports for all travelers on company business, so we know the location of each should world events or weather threaten or force travel delays or cancellations. In the event of a possible or impending delay, our team moves into contingency mode rerouting and rescheduling as necessary to get business travelers out of harm’s way and to their destinations.

The Importance of Developing (and Enforcing) an Official Corporate Travel Policy
Developing an official travel policy establishes and spells out risk assessments, emergency protocols and standard guidelines. The travel policy must be communicated clearly and often to corporate travelers for their knowledge and safety.

Every corporate travel policy is unique. CIRE’s corporate travel advisers evaluate your company’s travel habits, budget and style, and develop a policy to match your needs. CIRE will:

  • Design and implement effective, measurable cost protocols
  • Enforce your travel policies
  • Maintain superior service benchmarks
  • Directly reduce overall trip costs consistently
  • Report our system’s performance and acceptance
  • Evaluate and revise periodically to address company or global travel conditions

Concierge-Like Service Relieves Normal Travel Anxieties
When flights are overbooked or delayed. The front desk can’t find your reservation. Customer service keeps putting your call on hold. One call to CIRE and it’s handled, most of the time within minutes. CIRE has dedicated, empathic travel planners who deal with corporate travel 24/7. Our concierge-level service relieves the stress of business travel so your people can focus on getting the job done.

Our processes ensure companies follow Duty of Care statutes, while our concierge-style service makes traveling for business dare we say, enjoyable?

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