Wellness Insider’s Top 5 Healing Modalities

By Jackie Roby

What does relaxation look like to you? One of the best parts of traveling is the chance to unwind where you open up to new experiences and are taken care of (starting with my friends at CIRE planning your trip). Spending time at the spa can be one of the most nourishing parts of a getaway. Even the word itself is relaxing. Spa-ahhh… Instead of choosing the Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage, venture outside of the lines. Yes, those are beautiful treatments that have their place. But the world of wellness and healing offers different modalities that are designed to care for your specific needs.

The Wellness Insider

So who is this person telling you to try new things? My name is Jackie Roby, CEO of Inspired Journey Consulting, and a superfan of CIRE Travel. I have spent the past 20 years in the travel and hospitality industry, with 14 of those years on my own healing journey. And color me ecstatic when I uncovered ways travel can support our emotional and mental wellness. Now I spread the word through the #TravelCanHeal Initiative, on my podcast, Through Inspired Eyes, and through amazing partners like CIRE.

A great thing about wellness travel is returning home refreshed and ready to get back to your life with new tools that keep up that fabulous holiday feeling. Clearly, I’m not talking about sad salads. It’s about the mind, body, and soul working in synergy. Being around people who care immensely about who you are, where you’ve been, and what you want for your future. Experiencing treatments that impact you long after you leave the spa.

But How Do I Choose?

Just like a wine list can be overwhelming to the occasional sipper, a spa menu can certainly cause confusion. There you are in the spa feeling pressure to decide and quickly point to something that looks familiar. That’s the opposite of relaxing. And then, when you return home, the stress starts creeping up quickly. You deserve better. Another reason why trusting the travel experts is so helpful.

Before your holiday or business trip begins, check in with what you need. That’s a big question. Break it down to find the pain points. What areas of your life feel the most draining? Is there a way that you haven’t been able to care for yourself? If you had one day to fill your cup, what would you do? What would the genie in the bottle provide to bring you back to center? Many of us are catering to the “others” in our life whether family, clients, bosses, or friends. In this exercise, nobody exists but you. After all, you’re not bringing your boss into the treatment room at the spa.

Guide My Wellness Please

While exploring wellness and healing travel for my business, I’ve tried many different treatments. To help guide you towards what will truly support your wellbeing, my top five favorite healing modalities are waiting for you. Because caring for mental wellness is my jam, the majority of these offer that benefit.

Since your travels are not about experiencing a replica of what you see back home, I’ve done my best to pair the modalities with trusted recommendations in the country of origin. (This isn’t perfect, so please allow me some grace.) A spa or healing ritual rooted in local tradition contributes to the cultural immersion. It’s a memory that will stay with you.

Maybe they sing to your soul or simply intrigue you. My hope is you’ll discover something new that opens your world and embraces your own healing journey.

Jackie’s Top Five Healing Modalities


This is my number one recommendation and something I look for on every spa menu!

  • The Experience: The therapist will drip sesame oil on your third eye, which creates a calming effect like no other. Some spas will include light massage or energy treatments in combination.
  • Who Should Get It: Anyone with a busy mind.
  • Where to Find It: Canyon Ranch Lenox, Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit, Carillon Miami

Chakra Balancing & Energy Healing

You don’t fully understand how out of balance you are until it’s properly restored.

  • The Experience: This varies from spa to spa. However, it can look like energy healing through Reiki, gemstones placed on the seven chakras, and might include a light massage.
  • Who Should Get It: Anyone needing extra love.
  • Where to Find It: Le Monastere des Augustines, Willka T’ika, Euphoria Retreat

Four-Handed Massage

This is pure decadence! One of the things I like is how much attention my calves get. Have you ever noticed how little attention is paid to that part of your body?

  • The Experience: Two therapists work in tandem to massage every inch down to each toe.
  • Who Should Get It: Anyone who likes to be pampered.
  • Where to Find It: Half Moon Jamaica, The Retreat Costa Rica, OCEANO Tenerife

Ayurvedic Head Massage


Indigenous Mayan ritual delivered by a shaman that is a true commitment to your healing journey.

If what you need is not provided, the brand I trust most is Healing Hotels of the World. They thoroughly vet hotels, resorts, and wellness centers to ensure authenticity and true healing. CIRE knows all about them so ask your travel advisor.

I cannot stress enough focusing on mental and emotional healing. After what this world has experienced over the past few years, taking time to care for our inner wellness is imperative. Make it unforgettable by doing so while traveling!

Gratitude is Always on the Menu

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