What To Expect As US Air And AA Loyalty Programs Merge

Are you one of the millions of US Airways Dividend Miles members in the process of transitioning to the American’s AAdvantage program? If so, you needn’t do anything if you have a Dividend Miles account or if you matched your accounts. Your Dividend miles will be matched on a one-to-one ratio on the AAdvantage program.

Important: If you had accounts in both programs and you signed up to match accounts, please start using your AAdvantage account number and password after you receive an email from American confirming that your accounts have been combined. Until then, continue to use your Dividend Miles number.

Once the AAdvantage and Dividend Miles Merge…

You’ll be able to log in to both sites with your account number (AAdvantage or Dividend Miles) or your username (which may be your email) and password.

You can still book, check in and log in on aa.com and usairways.com, and continue to earn miles while the programs are being combined. For the time being, both airlines continue to operate under their respective names. New activity will post to your AAdvantage account on aa.com post merger. While the merger is ongoing, accounts on usairways.com will only show AAdvantage account balances – don’t worry, once your accounts are combined you’ll see all miles and activity.

March 25 was the last day to book Dividend Miles award travel. Redemption will be unavailable while the airlines combine loyalty programs. Once that process is complete, award travel can be booked using your miles on aa.com.

New to the AAdvantage program?

As an AAdvantage member, you’ll earn miles when you fly on American, US Airways, its partner airlines, and with over 1,000 other partners. And, you can redeem your miles for flights, upgrades, vacation packages, car rentals, hotel stays and more. Learn more about the AAdvantage program.

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