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Our Favorite Things: How Will We Know Unless We Go?

Like many of our clients, travel is part of our job, as well as our playtime. Between us five CIRE Travel planners, we have twenty destinations around the globe on our travel agendas. Yes, we can almost hear a collective chorus of the world’s smallest violins playing just for us as we plan our individual work and leisure trips for 2016. Poor us, right?


What’s on our itineraries for 2016?

Eric Hrubant, Chief Travel Planning Officer:

Suvarna Persaud, Corporate Travel Planner:

  • India
  • Mexico
  • UAE

Felicia Daniels, Group Travel Planner:

  • Hawaii
  • Disney World
  • San Francisco, CA

Rebecca Sanders, Travel Planning Associate:

  • Miami, FL
  • Colombia
  • Alaska
  • Ireland
  • Cape Cod

Rani Cheema, Travel Planning Associate:

  • India
  • Spain
  • Wyoming
  • South Africa

The CIRE Travel team takes our travels, even our vacations, very seriously. No matter where we go or why, we see and do everything with you in mind so that every itinerary and recommendation we make is the best one for you. After all, the best concierges would never recommend anything that he or she had not personally vetted, and neither will CIRE.

Where will you go in 2016? Wherever that may be (we have a few personal recommendations if you need inspiration), count on CIRE to make sure you receive the best service, pricing and perks. Let’s turn this year into “the year you went to <insert your destination here>…”

Where in the World Do You Want to Go?

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