New Year, who dis?

By Eric Hrubant

If the last two years have taught us anything, it’s that being nimble and having a sense of humor are very important.  Whatever happens, or doesn’t happen, in 2022, know that our team of professional travel advisors at CIRE is ready.  Snowstorms, flight cancellations, and rental car shortages are no match for our travel experts.  But here’s hoping for less “unprecedented times” and more smooth sailing this year.  On that note, I’m keeping our first post of the year short and sweet and easing into the New Year with a simple tip and a splash of travel inspiration.

Check Your Passport Expiration Date
(Like milk, your passport goes bad.)

Here’s an easy task for the first week of January (no diets, burpees or Marie Kondo-ing here):  Pull out your passport, blow the dust off, and check the expiry date.  You’ll need at least 6 months PAST the last date of future travel.  For example, if you’re flying home from a fabulous, CIRE-planned Italian vacation on May 1, 2022, your passport will need to be valid until November 1, 2022.  While not as slow as it was at the height of last year, passport renewals are still taking longer than they should.  Be sure to leave yourself enough time…or give us a ring and we can help you get it expedited.

Dryuary Only Lasts One Month
(Memories of a fabulous wine country getaway last forever.)

So, you’ve committed to Dryuary? (You’re stronger than I am.)  Perhaps you can pass the time by starting to plan your autumn 2022 wine country getaway.  Will it be torture or inspiration?  Only you can answer that.  In either case, here are some articles that will give you some food (or drink?) for thought:

  • I want an unctuous Chardonnay from Sonoma
  • I’m craving the delicate, fruity Pinot Noirs of Oregon
  • A jammy Cab Sav from Napa is my jam

Drop me an email and let’s start planning your next luxury vacation.  That’s certain to spark joy!


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